Writing a cookbook is no easy task. Especially if you want to deliver inspired recipes that feature fresh ingredients and streamlined technique. My new book, The Portable Feast does just that. While the book is all about taking homemade, garden-to-tote (say) meals on the go for both work and play, the recipes also work really well as casual meals at home for smaller households. With bold flavors, easy preparation and small yields, it's brilliant for singles, couples, families with babies and empty nesters. 

The book was written (duh) by me at my home in Los Angeles AND it was also photographed at my home. (MOST cookbooks are photographed in far away studios without the author's presence or input, and SOME cookbooks are photographed at the authors palatial estate with a team of pricey stylists.) The Portable Feast was shot by my friend and talented photographer, Ann Cutting, and all the food was made by me. (We are keeping it real here, folks!) Sarah Tenaglia, former food editor at Bon Appetit Magazine pitched in with cooking prep and it was super fun (and beneficial to the recipes!!) to have her hyper-critical and well-tuned palate present as we judged, tweaked and consumed every crumb of food made for the photo shoot. 

I'm having a party to celebrate the book's release at the fantastical MorYork Gallery in Highland Park on Sunday April 24 from 2:00-5:00. There will be books and refreshments. Please come and see this most wonderful space, packed full of recycled artworks and cool collections by uber-talented Clare Graham. 

AuthorJeanne Kelley
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