Back in September I was asked to do some recipe demos for Bon Appetit. Apparently, Associate Food Editor Janet McCracken was unable to do the job due to minor surgery, so yours truly got tapped. Problem was, I also got asked to do the food styling, and as no culinary producer was hired, that duty fell to me as well. I was working triple time and I had to say “Bon Appetit’s Fast Easy Fresh Quick Dishes for Every Night Cooking presented by Jenn-air” like a hundred times, which, believe me, is not easy. There is a slight air of the corporate shill here, but I can honestly say that I thought the appliances were quite nifty. The refrigerator is roomy and bright, the dishwasher is super quiet and the ovens are great. I keep listening for a big delivery truck to drive up my hill with some “Thank you” appliances, but it’s awfully quiet out there.

The videos demo some really easy and tasty dishes, created by the talented food department at Bon Appetit. They also provide a peek into the super humble, soon to be closed Bon Appetit Los Angeles Test Kitchen--a place where so many delicious recipes were developed and tested for years. It’s an odd airtight, windowless place on the 10th floor of a nondescript office building-- a kitchen where I have laughed and cried, seen dishes triumph and others crash and burn, and most importantly a place where I made some truly amazing friends.

AuthorJeanne Kelley